The Trent Lott Performing Arts Theatre





The Trent Lott Performing Arts Theatre

The Trent Lott Performing Arts Theatre is available for performances and meetings. With 383 seats, the Theatre accommodates concerts, plays, musicals, recitals and town meetings. For pricing and other theatre information, please contact

Theatre Specs:


The Grand Drape is a full draw burgundy curtain. There are two draw-type black travellers: one midstage and one upstage There is a white cyc curtain located upstage and one very tall black final curtain upstage.

Flying Trusses:

There are two flying trusses that can be used. One is at Center Stage and has a movie screen hung from it. The second is at fully upstage. These may be used with permission of the Technical Director.

Sound System:

We have a Behringer X32 digital mixing board located in the Balcony Tech Booth. It is connected via Cat 5 cable to two 16 channel digital snakes that can be placed anywhere backstage. The two house mains are JBL PRX425 Dual 15 Inch 3 Way Loudspeakers(hung from the ceiling) which were installed in 2019. There is also one JBL subwoofer located house left of the stage. There are 4 channels of amplified monitors for use onstage. There are 2 Yamaha single 15”s and 2 EV 12” wedges for onstage monitoring. Our system also supports powered monitors easily if they are brought in.

We keep a selection of Shure wired microphones, and Shure wireless microphones.


There are 2 lighting systems which are operated by 2 separate control systems: The conventional system, which consists of 2 FOH rows of lights, 3 onstage electrics and 1 practical plug onstage. This System is controlled by an ETC Express 24/48 Board.

The intelligent system consists of 12 moving lights, 32 onstage LED RGBW Wash pars, 4 Side fills and is operated from PC based software. This system requires the use of in-house technical staff to operate.


We have an Epson PowerLite Pro G7400UNL – WUXGA 1080p 3LCD Projector with a ELP LM11 Medium-throw Zoom Lens – 80.6mm-121.1mm F/1.81-2.34 that projects from the balcony control booth to an 8’x16’ screen that is hung mid-stage. The projector is fed by a Sony Ultra 4k blu-ray player that accepts cds, dvd and blurays. The projector can be connected to a laptop via VGA cable or HDMI Cable. There is a lumberyard across the street for any miscellaneous hardware needs. It closes by 6pm daily