The Art of the Word – Color, Rhythm, Image





The Art of the Word – Color, Rhythm, Image

April 25 – August 17, 2019

Poets use the sound of words as an artist uses paint,
and rhythm is often apparent in art and poetic structure as well. These Mississippi poets of distinction will be featured on the walls along with paintings by local artists inspired by the poetry.

Al Young, California Poet Laureate from Ocean Springs; Beth Ann Fennelly, Current Mississippi Poet Laureate; Natasha Tretheway, Mississippi and US Poet Laureate; Richard Wright, legendary African American author of Native Son; Angela Ball, Gertrude Smith, Walter Anderson, Choctaw and other poets.

Art works by Norma Seward, Patt Odom, Paulette Dove, Mary Hardy, Vanda McCormick, Pat Abernathy, Sandra Halat, Mary Pickard, George Ann McCullough, Cookie Sampson, Susie Rananger, Amelia Wiygul, Curtis Jaunsen, Stacy Johnson, Ellen Ellis Lee.