Local Creatives





In an effort to create business and networking opportunities for local artisans and designers on the MS Gulf Coast, Local Creatives was formed in March of 2017. The original founders of LC consisted of local artists and creative entrepreneurs from Ocean Springs, MS. From painters and woodworkers, to graphic designers and architects, this eclectic bunch brainstormed ideas, pinpointing the group’s sole mission within the community- “Connecting Community & Creatives.” Together, the collective designed a website based directory that anyone can access. The site serves as a platform for artists and consumers to connect with one another, provides a calendar of events, and highlights featured artists.

We would like to encourage our community to visit our studio in The Mary C during Local Creatives’ events, meet us, and most importantly ask questions! LC offers specifically skilled workshops, artist’s talks, and studio tours to both members and non-members. Along with the networking aspect of Local Creatives, we also wanted to educate the community on having something custom made. We want to work with our community, and feel they will be surprised at how satisfying and affordable having something made specifically for your home, a gift, or your business can be!

For more information on MS Local Creatives and the artists within the network, please visit https://mslocalcreatives.com.

Featured Artist: Stacey Johnson

I grew up in the Delta of Mississippi, surrounded by cotton and blues and some of the best outsider artwork in the world. This was a deeply Southern stage, set with backdrops of fields and soulful history, of stereotypes dividing men and women, of rich and poor, black and white. All of these things have impacted my life and influenced my storytelling in clay. Each sculpture is a chapter in a book that I edit, color, and scribble upon… like a diary of unspoken thoughts, remnants of dreams. I work in clay because it is a forgiving, expressive medium….a material that I have known my entire life. Red clay, brown mud, dark soil. I work with the feminine figure because it is what I know. Women have been storytellers and keepers of wisdom for ages, and I like to think my female forms continue to tell tales. They are feminine totems translating traditional boundaries of gender, heritage, sexuality, and maternal roles.

Through my sculptural narrative, I answer questions and tell tales. I explore my medium and let it have a voice. My exploration and acceptance of living through art is necessary for closing doors, so that others may be opened.

Stacey Johnson Art