Visual Arts Camps: Merry Marionettes





June 25, 2019 – June 27, 2019 all-day

DAY 1: We will work on molding our marionettes out of red clay, as well as putting the metal connectors on them. On these marionettes your child will be able to put as many arms, legs, heads, etc as they would like. I want to be able to let their imagination absolutely soar.

DAY 2: On this day we will decorate them! Paint, feathers, glitter, etc. I will be assisting them with any gluing / cutting that needs to be done.

DAY 3: We will finish up any last-minute decorations, come up with names for their marionettes, & I will teach them how to use them.

Throughout the camp we will also have snack time, time outs for playing, and go on short walks. Please bring snacks for your child to eat and something to drink for each day. I will also be available by phone and text. I send off photos after each day in a group chat with all the parents. I try to take as many photos as possible so that there are memories to cherish later. It is likely we will also have small crafts on the side in the event that we finish early on a given day. These normally range in drawings, or something else small made with the clay.

***Supplies Included

Instructor: Summer Bat
Times: 9 AM-12 PM
Ages: 4- 5
Price: Members: $90/ Non-Members: $115