Performing Arts Camps: Improv Camp





June 24, 2019 – June 25, 2019 all-day
Performing Arts Camps: Improv Camp

The Basics of Improv is a two-day crash camp full of quick thinking and structured foolishness. In it, students will learn the foundational skills needed to create unscripted scenes through many short-form improv games.

These games will throw each performer into one absurd and hilarious situation after another. Who the characters are and how the scene progresses is all up to the players.

By the end of the camp, everyone will be familiar with the four main pillars of improvisation: establishing characters and scenes, quick thinking, movement and blocking, and characterization. These skills are not only useful for acting and entertainment, but for public speaking, team activities, and social situations.

Oh yeah, and you get to make everybody laugh too.


Ed Foose is a member of the Jackson-based improv group The Royal Y’all. He got his start in improv in 2011 as a member of Fowl Play in Rochester, New York. Since then, he has worked with groups such as The Misfit Monkeys and Chimp Knuckles as a rotating player. Professionally, he is a motion graphics artist and video editor. Unprofessionally, he draws the webcomic Loner Club, writes various scripts and stories, and hoards pictures of corgis.