Make Your Own Glass Workshop





July 20, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This class is an opportunity to learn the basic skills of glass making while having a skilled professional guide you through every step of the way.  Each student will choose and apply the color, heat, shape, and design their glass pieces.

Spend your afternoon creating a glass piece of your choosing:

  • Paperweight $50
  • Heart $50
  • Tumbler $50

(Plus $5.00 Supply Fee.)

Classes are slotted for 30 minutes per person. They will begin at 9 am and continue till 5 pm. People can sign up for which time they prefer.

  • 9:00 am
  • 9:30 am
  • 10:00 am
  • 10:30 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 11:30 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 12:30 pm
  • 1:00 pm
  • 1:30 pm
  • 2:00 pm
  • 2:30 pm
  • 3:00 pm
  • 3:30 pm
  • 4:00 pm
  • 4:30 pm

Closed toed shoes are required. All other tools and protective wear will be supplied.

  • Instructor: Solange Ledwith
  • Day/Date:  July 20th
  • Ages: 9-up
  • Price: Member: $55.00/ Non Member: $65.00

($5.00 Supply Fee is included in price.)

Solange Ledwith began working with glass in 2002 at Chico State University, CA, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree. Shortly after, she made her way to Los Angeles where she completed her Master’s of Art degree at California State University of Fullerton. “I was fortunate to be able to study with and work professionally with LA’s finest. It was there that I learned to love the delicate art of precision glass working.” To further advance her working skills and knowledge, she spent many summers at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington where she was exposed to incredible talent that came from all over the world. In 2010, she made my way back to my birth home, Louisiana. “It was here that I really began to learn about myself and what is important to me; my love for family and home, and my appreciation for how precious life is.” Solange’s core foundation remains fond of the delicate aesthetics of precision glass and has now found a way to balance that precision with more colorful and playful designs. “I love what I do, and my world has become more playful and brighter because of it. My hope is to share that delight for life and glass with all of you.”