Jr. Chef Camp: Travel Across the Americas





This week your Jr. Chef will learn the different food styles and cultures from different parts of North America. We will touch on different cities and their cuisines such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans, Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago. Your Jr. Chefs will learn some of the staple recipes and foods from the areas discussed.


  • 7/15: Mississippi Gulf Coast- Boiled Shrimp, Corn, Potatoes, Cocktail Sauce, and Tartar Sauce
  • 7/16: New Orleans- Roast Beef and Gravy Po’Boy, Tater Tots, and Coleslaw
  • 7/17: Miami- Seafood Ceviche and Tropical Popsicle
  • 7/18: San Francisco- Mission Burrito
  • 7/19: Chicago- Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and Chicago Style Hot Dog