Rhythms of Jazz

New works by

Ted Rose

Albert Duckett Gallery

Through August 30, 2015


The new exhibit by renowned artist, author and educator, Ted Rose, is called Rhythms of Jazz for a reason - it is a translation of movement onto canvas. However, it goes beyond painting to music and moves into the realm of relocation in space. Coming from a gymnastics background, Rose sees the movement of paint as a gymnast thinks through a movement from one location to a relocation of the body. Interpreting the movement in space is similar to what happens with the multiple rhythms and linear transformation of a melody in jazz. One rhythm begins, disappears underneath, reappears slightly altered, becoming more intense and complex - not your usual 4/4 time. And the same happens to the melody.

Acrylic on glass is layered so that movement happens inside out, and the final transfer to canvas leaves the earliest placement on top - showing the movement in retrospect. It uses space memory like a musician uses tonal memory or a gymnast traces his movement through space. Space becomes the active component and rhythm is key.

His opening talk will explore this philosophy and method through demonstration and dialogue with a jazz musician. This ought to be interesting and open up new perspectives of thought in painting!


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