Closing Reception of the Sanctuary Artist Gallery Exhibit

Thursday, June 4, 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Join us for appetizers and Sangria and for one last opportunity to view and even purchase some of the Sanctuary Artist Exhibition pieces.


Sanctuary Artists

It is inspired by a variety of real and imagined muses. The Sanctuary Artists are a group of dedicated artists of various kinds, who have discovered muses in the beautiful, 300+ acres of the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary in Huntsville, Alabama. Attracted by the unspoiled beauty of this preserve, individuals representing the visual arts, natural sciences, history, literary, musical and oral traditions have joined creative forces. For these kindred spirits, a shared vision continues to unfold. This website is dedicated to them.

Beyond feeding and clothing us, the land shapes our personalities, our goals, and our connections to others, both close by and far away. It speaks many languages; artists, in turn, translate what it tells us into artifacts in their own languages -- painting, photography, ceramic and wood creations, poetry and fiction, music, and other media. The results of their individual journeys and their shared experiences have been combined in their first traveling exhibition, The Art of Nature. Its central, collective mission is to stimulate the awareness, interest, and loyalty of residents and visitors who, on their own, might remain less aware of their connections to the land that we inhabit.

The Sanctuary is a gift to the city from one of Huntsville's old families, and in turn a gift from Huntsville to all others. It is but a metaphor for our entire planet Earth. Visit it, enjoy it, learn from it, care for it, and pass it along intact to future generations.


Also.... Make sure to check out our new ActiveArt Series for 8 - 14 year olds. Each class in this series will feature different projects per class focusing on art revolving around nature, the environment and community. Students will go home with projects at the end of the day and have the option to sign up per class or for the entire month. Register for these classes under the classes tab and Youth Art Programs...

Curated by the Ocean Springs Museum of History.

Free Admission


Rhythms of Jazz

New works by

Ted Rose

Albert Duckett Gallery

June 10 through August 30, 2015


The new exhibit by renowned artist, author and educator, Ted Rose, is called Rhythms of Jazz for a reason - it is a translation of movement onto canvas. However, it goes beyond painting to music and moves into the realm of relocation in space. Coming from a gymnastics background, Rose sees the movement of paint as a gymnast thinks through a movement from one location to a relocation of the body. Interpreting the movement in space is similar to what happens with the multiple rhythms and linear transformation of a melody in jazz. One rhythm begins, disappears underneath, reappears slightly altered, becoming more intense and complex - not your usual 4/4 time. And the same happens to the melody.

Acrylic on glass is layered so that movement happens inside out, and the final transfer to canvas leaves the earliest placement on top - showing the movement in retrospect. It uses space memory like a musician uses tonal memory or a gymnast traces his movement through space. Space becomes the active component and rhythm is key.

His opening talk will explore this philosophy and method through demonstration and dialogue with a jazz musician. This ought to be interesting and open up new perspectives of thought in painting!








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